Inlet to Inlet Long Distance Race Dec 4-5

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Inlet to Inlet Long Distance Race Dec 4-5

From Ron Kern. Open to kites, windsurf, windfoil, wingfoil.

Wow! This will be the 19th year of the i-to-i! Time flies. It doesn't seem that long ago we ran the first one. Check out the i-to-i website to learn the history of the event. Open to upwind downwind sailors of windsurfers, windfoilers, wingfoilers, kitesurfers, and kitefoilers, that want to go the distance, short, medium or all the way!

The 19th annual running of the Inlet to Inlet Long Distance Race is scheduled December 4-5, 2021. The i-to-i starts the US Windsurfing National Race Tour for 2022. More information, notice of race, (NOR), updates, etc. can be found on the official race website or by email:

Hope to see you there!

Don’t forget your phone in a waterproof bag/enclosure for emergency use.

Great real-time webcams here:

Complete event information is on the event website: Click on the link for the 2021 Notice of Race for more details.

See you at Vista Park!
Safety. The race is run in open ocean offshore. It is imperative to be able to call for help if you break down. PHONES are mandatory to carry so you can contact 911 if you have an emergency. There is no entry fee to the race. Use the money you would have spent for an entry fee on a waterproof cell phone case and better yet buy it from one of our sponsors below. As this is a bit of distance to cover and the possibility of breakdown, fatigue, or injury exists, combined with potential offshore winds, (even if the forecast is onshore, like last year’s race), it is strongly encouraged that you carry a cell phone for emergency use. Any charged phone, even without an activated phone plan will be able to call 911 for help, but still needs to go in a cellphone bag so you can use it on the water. There are a variety of secure waterproof bags for carrying cell phones that allow their use in the water without damage to the phone from seawater entry. Please don't take chances with your safety! Procure a case for your phone and bring it with to the race as there will not be chase boats or anyone but yourself looking after you. With that said, the coast is pretty friendly up and back, and with the exception of most of Fort Lauderdale public beach and a small stretch of Pompano public beach, anywhere along the beach is a landing spot for a rest or adjustment if needed.

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