Important info re: NWS

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Important info re: NWS

A slightly obscure nomination which I think, we should all be at least aware of - Barry Meyers, former CEO of Accuweather, has now for roughly two years has been nominated as undersecretary over NOAA and NWS. He and his company have in the past lobbied that the NWS should not be disseminating free weather info to the public as this competes with his business model (this in spite of the fact that his business model is entirely dependent on NWS data. If your ideology allows you to appreciate John Oliver (big fan here), he does a fine 16 minute segment on youtube: Weather: Last Week Tonight With John Oliver.

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Re: Important info re: NWS

Interesting idea: Weather is free, but weather reports cost money. I guess Iwindsurf already does something like that - they have a free forecast but if you pay more you get an allegedly better forecast and some wind data from some destination type spots.

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