Ikitesurf Classified is closed

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Ikitesurf Classified is closed

Too many scammers. So look out elsewhere - fb, Iwindsurf classified, and probably any other place you can think of. Just FYI.

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Re: Ikitesurf Classified is closed

So, the windsurfing classifieds are still around and popped in to look at the race sails. Funny thing that there are two (2) sails for sale in GA. Both recent model big race sails but the brands are misspelled or just mucked up. Scam?

2021 Top Sails Skyblade
2018 Pacific Point 7 AC1

The "Point 7" https://classified.iwindsurf.com/images/swapmeet/upload/sails.14736.2.jpg

That does not look like Macon, GA. Noticed a bunch of sails got listed 2/08 and some have UK racing numbers.

Edit: Looked up a bunch of sails and boards listed 2/08-10 and a lot of stinky stuff on there. My advice is avoid if you like your money.

Others have noticed. Apparently a lot of the images are from a Spanish FB group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1727103254174491/posts/3034206446797492/

Edit edit: Looks like the scammers started flooding things 2/05 with... kites on the Sails for sale page. Just stay away from any new ads until weatherflow, hopefully, cleans up the ads. Sadly, I think they'll end up shuttered like the kite section.

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