How to "see" wind

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How to "see" wind

For a lot of people starting out in windsport, the wind is this mysterious thing and gusts arrive almost without warning. Learning to sail looking upwind instead of just in front of you is super important as is learning what you are looking for.

Here's a good article that may be helpful. Most of us get points for doing the first thing right: standing up. Yes 3

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Re: How to "see" wind

There is a whole section in "seeing" in this book. It must include wind.

"The book contains an introduction, an epilogue and two separate parts. Part One, "The Preliminaries of 'Seeing'", describes his re-initiation into the apprenticeship from which he withdrew in late 1965, and also describes his introduction to another brujo (sorcerer) named Don Genaro. Part Two, "The Task of 'Seeing'", elaborates on the mental processes involved with Seeing, and begins with Castaneda realizing that the plants are a necessary tool to arrive at Seeing."

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Re: How to "see" wind

Good stuff Webguy.

Training other new sailors to be partners for Special Olympic sailing I think teaching them to look upwind for dark water coming down the lake was
One of the biggest ah- ha! Moments for them.
Getting caught off guard and healed over by a gust can be especially unsettling to newbies but knowing when to head up instead of sheeting out in a gust can be a lot of fun and really make a difference in a race or for just fun.

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