Hold up - Pac NW list

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Hold up - Pac NW list

was reading a post on the Pac NW list

"I stopped by Newcastle at noon and nothing was happening so I drove an extra 45 min to Purdy for epic conditions. 5.5 wing for me (could have done 4.5)between 1:30-3:30. Swell was really nice in the middle. Was sunny except for the occasional squall where we were greeted with snow and sleet. One other sailor there didn’t catch his name but he was ripping it up on foil and fin.

Let's ignore the "drove an extra 45 min" ie going from Lanier to Hartwell for a minute because I can entirely see myself doing that. Because, I have done that. But, reading that post and seeing "was sunny" etc, etc and then "snow and sleet" kinda felt like I needed that sound effect* of the needle skipping across vinyl. ATL can kind of suck at times for windsurfing but yesterday was kind of mild and I'm okay with that. Biggrin Props to the windsport bros and sisters out there who make it work, though.

* Not the best example but good enough

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