Hifly Carbon board sale Free 120 Madd 115

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Hifly Carbon board sale Free 120 Madd 115

Two lovely HIflys in the garage should probably go to a home where they will get more use.

Both are about 15 years old. iirc, Chinook imported the better carbon versions of HiFly boards for a few years. These are nice new school widths but a touch longer than most current boards. Both come with fin but the Chinook deck plate pictured is not included. The Free 120 (262x65)is a nice 7.0-6.0 freeride board while the 115 Madd (255x64) is a twinzer - a little looser feeling with two smaller fins. I bought this board for shallow spots like Hatteras - it has two 26cm fins. 120 is $250 and the 115 is $175 Both are in good condition with minor ding repairs.

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