great quote if you are beginner, low intermed.

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great quote if you are beginner, low intermed.

"Without even knowing what a Wind FX board is, I think the answer to your
basic question is: WSing IS frustrating. Although we learn rapidly, there is
SO much to learn that the light at the end of the tunnel is a pinprick,
not the blinding white floodlights we see when the flying saucers abducted ...
no, I won't go there ... my point is that the learning curve never ends.

But buried in that mound of horse pucky are FOUR count 'em FOUR ponies:
1. That first plane, which imbeds the hook for good.
2. A good waterstart, which is the biggest breakthrough in the sport
because it lets us safely venture into open water and return.
3. That first planing jibe, which makes the years of sweat that led up to it pay off.
4. The most lasting, challenging, rewarding sport most of us have ever seen.

MANY of us have tried, maybe even mastered, several other sports before
getting pretty good at this one, and a large number of us have decided ...
This Is It! This is what we were looking for all those years."

- Mike Fick on rec.windsurfing

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