Got sails that need to be retired?

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Got sails that need to be retired?

A friend is soliciting sails to make trophy bags. Old dacron, laminate or grid are probably best– not sure about sewing mylar.
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Re: Got sails that need to be retired?

I think my failed experiment to make that old Aerotech 8.8 into a foil sail qualifies. Scrim, iirc. Great idea, great shape but the old 90s negative outhaul era so it pumped like a wet queen bed sheet. $120 that should have gone to a Hyperglide 2. Wait, got one of those and it sucked, too. North Beach sold it and the proceeds were put towards a new mast when my old one decided to unlife itself sitting on the grass at the LLSC.

Dang, this sport can be expensive. Cray 2

I have a dacron 5.7 from the 80s that I want to foil with at least once before I give up that experiment, too.

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