Goodbye, Queen.

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Goodbye, Queen.

(Carole King wrote the song which is why she's going nuts)

anecdote from somewhere else on the net


When I was about 20 I worked in this sleepy little shop that never got very busy, we had a few die hard regulars but mostly casuals passing through. We would have a radio playing most days and just putter away often shooting the shit about whatever.

One day the DJ introduces an upcoming James Brown track and makes a remark about "The Godfather of Soul". I turned to my colleague and said something like "If James Brown is the Godfather of Soul who is the Godmother?"

Before he could answer a customer who was browsing nearby turned to me with an absolutely disgusted look on his face and said "ARETHA F*ING FRANKLIN! JESUS what are they teaching you kids in school!?" and stormed out.

We laughed about that for days.

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