Galt's Report, Sat Sep 6

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Galt's Report, Sat Sep 6


It was a great day. Sailed from 9:30-5:00. Started of planning on/off on my 8.5. Picked up steadily until around 11:00 when I switched to my 6.5 and had a blast until it slacked back off around 2:00. Then finished the day off back on the 8.5 as the wind died off. Did manage a few sustained planning runs as late as 4:00. Also in attendance (in order of appearence) Jimmy, Jerry, Mark, Linda, Mimi.


So how'd the Lanier folks do?

Bill Herderich

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Vanns Tavern crew
7.5 until 12:30-planed and then droped off to the bigger sails. Hello Fall!!!
Greg Baxendale

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