Funday Monday

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Funday Monday

Wow, for once, the G'ville airport under-reported. Showed up to VP around 3:30 and it was 10-20. Foiled for about an hour and a half on 6.5/regular wing powered up - I could hear the leech flapping going upwind. Finally got tired and swapped foil for fin. Powered up in the gusts and it was fun to bear off on speed runs. A bit of boat chop around dinner time. Randy went to Allatoona and had some wind earlier in the day.

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Re: Funday Monday

Yeah - I was going to Galts, but there was a gas leak at the intersection of Galts Ferry Rd. and Kellogg Creek. So there was no way to get to Galts. I recalled that there was a park called Victoria Landing that some of the Toona crowd back in the day used to frequent. I managed to find it on my phone and sailed there.(Good luck finding it w/o a phone telling you where to go.) In case there is a desire to add it to WIki - here is my take.

Very pleasant park with a couple of boat ramps and a nice beach. The fetches are quite a bit shorter than even Galts, but the wind was actually pretty smooth. This place seem to only be open from (I'm guessing) some time in April to October (even the boat ramp according to the people in the entry booth). Yesterday the reported winds were NNW-NW, in the 8-18 range. I'd guess, however, that it was more like 5-15. However, it actually worked pretty well on those directions. Looking at the map, I think S or maybe SW directions would work as well. Fetches seem to short for W or E directions. I would think this place is good for longboarding and or windsup sailing. Why go there instead of Galts? I probably wouldn't though Galts can get so crowded in the summer that there is no place to park or if you are just looking for some place different. Or if the road to Galts is closed due to a gas leak, earth quake, or insurrection. Considering Galts simply doesn't work on a due South wind Victoria looks like it would be worth a try at such times.

There is no off season.

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