FS- NP Foil Glide Windfoil Large $450

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FS- NP Foil Glide Windfoil Large $450

Selling NP Foil Glide Windfoil with Large wing. 80cm aluminum mast with Tuttle head. Docile and lifty. Can also be used as wingfoil with shorter wing fuse available separately. Also, plate and power box mounts are available separately. Compatible with current version HA wings.

without Tuttle (e.g you need to use powerbox or plate versions) $375.

Add extra 65cm mast (for learning or shallow spots) for $75.
I might be talked out of the 80cm mast if someone has a NP setup and needs a longer mast.

Image below is not of mine. If you are seriously interested, I'll snap pics.

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