Freebie - Techno 273 125l 273x64

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Freebie - Techno 273 125l 273x64

Kind gentleman in AL has retired from windsurfing and asked me to find homes for his gear. This Techno is in great shape and includes fins (now obsolete trimbox) It's a fine board for 6.5-5.5 weather and, for a smaller sailor, even a 7 or 7.5. Probably equivalent to a modern 107-115 l. board.

If you are advancing from a bigger 135-165l short board especially if you are making trips to OBX or FL, this will be a nice stepping stone. It will make the first planing carve jibes much easier than a bigger board. Or, if you are still trying to make an old pre 2000 narrow board work.

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