Foil shims

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Foil shims

In my eternal pursuit of effing with stuff - or as it's more politely known: tweaking my gear for performance, I've come across a decent idea for foil stabshims. The challenge is something thin but with repeatable and consistent angles. That's pretty hard when we are talking about a degree or even half. The best I could do before (not owning a 3d printer) is use a piece from a consistent and uniform ABS or cf sheet from .5-2mm thick and hope that it would give me the angle change I was hoping for.

A few days ago, I stumble across shims for bolt on guitar necks. One company makes nylon shims in a pack of ..25-.5 and 1 degree. Each shim is approx 2x2.5 inches so each guitar shim should make several foil shims and they can be stacked to make, say 1.5 degrees. I've found them on both Amazon and Fleabay.

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