Even Paradise can suck sometimes

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Even Paradise can suck sometimes

Often, we feel like only our own local spot is the pits for windsurfing. Just a reminder that even a perfect place isn't always perfect.

A shortboard session for me yesterday... if you can call a session when you manage to not catch one single wave. I gave Hookipa a 5 from the beach, because it looked like it, but once in the water it was pretty horrible. I saw a wave that had 8 different peaks breaking at the same time and 2-3 bumps of water in front. Classic Hookipa. This morning was a little better, so it deserved a 6, as in the beach report that today I did before posting this call.


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Re: Even Paradise can suck sometimes

I feel his pain. So sad for his day being only 6. Cray 2

What happens in a black hole stays in a black hole.

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Re: Even Paradise can suck sometimes

I recall Scott, aka Shred Dog, getting skunked for a whole week in Maui, so it happens. I remind myself that it's only an hour to the Lake*, so if it doesn't blow, or the water is filled with floating logs and debris, I've only given up some gas money, and the next time will be better.

* In my mind it's an hour drive to the Lake. Traffic is an anomaly, not the norm.


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