East, east, east Thur- Sun 10/27-30

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Re: East, east, east Thur- Sun 10/27-30

I foiled with 6.4 about 60% until 11:30. At times overpowered but often pumping or bobbing up/down. JP winged with 8.0 and seemed to be flying much more- I should have rigged 8.0. It was much lighter and less gusty when I left around 12:30.

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Re: East, east, east Thur- Sun 10/27-30

I feel it from yesterday on Neil's 7.0... Jean Baptiste on the 8.0 - that's a big wing! Glad you guys got out Smile

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Re: East, east, east Thur- Sun 10/27-30

Al windsurfered 6.2 and a small board this morning then switched to Wingfoil 6m with 65 liter board. I wingfoiled 4.5 on the yellow submarine. Pretty windy this morning.

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Re: East, east, east Thur- Sun 10/27-30

(Randy, landscape mode... Biggrin )

Took the after lunch shift at Vanns. Alejo and JB were out on foils (kite and wing) and JJ was out on his original Superlight for his first sail on Lanier which literally is a big step up from his neighborhood lake. He did great but he couldn't have done it without the help of kite bro, Dave D., who helped him rig his gear and offered solid technique tips.

There was almost no one on the lake save for a handful of sailboats and maybe one or two powerboats. It was so fun just cranking long runs. Did a downwinder from Athens Park (n. of Vanns) all the way down to Van Pugh just by the launch in one straight leg. Got back all the way in just three tacks. Wind was steady-ish 10-18. Kind of chilly with occasional drizzle, overcast and temps in the upper 50s.

Then I see Gwen just posted this video from Normandy. Europe is going through a heatwave right now. This video is new, not from midsummer.

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