Early May and Big Wednesday

The usual spring windy season was late this year. March was almost record breaking warm. It seems the jet stream was saving itself for April and even May after the water had warmed. Photos by Chris Voith (cv), Barrett Walker (bw) and Mark Smith (ms). All photos at Van Pugh Park Lake Lanier or as noted Old Federal Park Lake Lanier, Shaeffer Heard Park, West Point Lake

BW denotes photos from Big Wednesday: https://windsportatlanta.com/content/got-my-eye-wednesday-late-morning-may-6th-5420

Kai giving the foil a try cv
A windy day at Van Pugh. Gene, William, Bill, Hamdi and Rhett (l-r) bw
Gene after an intense jibe practice session cv
William, Zee and Kai cv
Kai and William (background) cv
Mike kiting at Old Fed cv
Kai flying cv
Hamdi, William and Rhett (l-r) foiling bw
Gene on wing bw
Dark clouds and virga (rain that doesn't reach the ground) BW cv
Neil finds the upper limit of his foil with a 4.0 wing BW cv
Barrett is all smiles. BW cv
Kai making his way back hard overpowered BW cv
Chris P safely back on the beach.BW cv
Chris P making his way home after the big blow but still overpowered BW cv
Eric taking advantage of one last swell before getting safely back from the big blow BW cv
Pretty much the kind of day that almost only sailors on the water BW cv
Eric and Kai powered up on 4.7s BW cv
When even a 4.2 is too big. Coming in. BWcv
William heads out as Barrett is coming in.BW cv
Kai gets slammed trying to make it back BW bw
Chris P coming in BW bw
Kai safely in BW bw
Neil starting up on the wing BW bw
Earlier in the day. Roxanne, Anna, Joshua and Jeremiah while dad (Marcel) is on the water BW bw
Kai, Pascal, and Eric BW bw
Eddie B and John M waiting out a blast at West Point BW ms
Eddie B ripping it up BW ms
West Point was sunnier than Lanier but still breezy BW ms