Driving home from Van Pugh the next few days

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Driving home from Van Pugh the next few days

From an email sent by a buddy. If you have a late session at Van Pugh and are driving back to ATL

"Have you spent any time staring into the sky just after sunset lately? If not, now may be one of those times of the year to take a peek west to see a spectacular sky show featuring our two brightest planets in the night sky, dazzling Venus and bold Jupiter.

The two planets will appear to come closer together as they head toward a March 1 conjunction. The king planet Jupiter will appear higher in the sky than Venus, the second brightest object in the night sky behind the moon. On March 1, the two will appear beside one another and seem to be separated by only the width of a full moon.

Over the next several days, skywatchers will be able to see Venus’ rise in the sky toward the giant gas planet. As a bonus, a crescent, waxing moon will sweep by the two planets on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Dazzling is not too strong of a word to use here.

You won’t need binoculars or a telescope to see the pair, although either will enhance your view. They are both easily seen in the western sky about an hour after sunset and pop into view before any of the stars come out."

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Re: Driving home from Van Pugh the next few days

Thanks for the heads up.


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