Crissy Field San Francisco

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Crissy Field San Francisco

Go sail and leave the wife at Fisherman Warf.  Well, LA was a bunch of crap, but San Francisco on the otherhand was fantastic.  I could live in SF with no problem.  Great roads, weather, bay, stuff to do.   No dirt biking that I could tell but this place is windsurfing haven.  I have seen Crissy Field in the magazine before but you would not believe this place.  Big park, handle 100 cars, grassy rigging area, bathroom, sandy beach, distance from the car to the water is 75 feet, flat water, wind shadow like Van Pugh, Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz in the background.  The beach is about 1/8 mile long and 50 feet deep, soft sand.  Today it was blowing 25 from the SW, 70 degrees and water at 57 degrees.  They were sailing 5.5's and 5.0 on 120 to 90 lt boards.  Full wetsuit, summer booties, no gloves or hood.  Three kite boards and 10 windsurfers.  Big long reach from SF side to Solalito looked like a mile easy.  You could launch from Crissy field or you could launch from a marina on the N end of the GGBridge.  Less of a wind shadow on the N end of the GGBridge.  I was stoked but I had no gear.  The water was flat.  I never would have thought it would be flat but it was with a little  chop about a ½ mile out.  Just think sail with your back to the GGBridge while all the time looking at Alcatraz.  

The pics are from a cheapo dig camera so look hard for the windsurfers.  If you ever come out  this place it is a must but I could not find a rental place and I didn’t have time to look for one.  Gene, we would make every jibe here.  It is that flat - just like Howard Pk.  Maybe it was a good day.  

Here is a link to the pictures


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