Corrosion prevention for foil fuses

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Corrosion prevention for foil fuses

Interesting discussion on fuselage corrosion on seabreeze. Some are having issues with light anodization of the aluminum not really providing protection and the corrosion eating away at expensive and out of production fuses. The idea of adding a sacrificial anode was put forward and the clever idea of using a very thin sheet of zinc as a "shim" between the wing and fuse. Zinc anodes are commonly used on boats to prevent galvanic corrosion of aluminum etc as the zinc will sacrificially corrode to protect the aluminum. By using a flat, thin sheet as a "shim", this avoids having to attach it or, as is commonly done, drilling a hole and inserting the anode. Periodically inspect the shim to see when it should be replaced.

Thin zinc on ebay:

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For us freshwater types, we really don't have this issue. But if you spend time in salt water, something to consider.

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