Concrete Waves

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Concrete Waves

No, not the fins from the 80s/90s but sailing down the line on hard top

Anything around Atlanta that would qualify?

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Re: Concrete Waves

I spent a lot of time looking for for one. I found a place that might be called "asphalt waves" in parking lot at Southern Poly Tech (back when it was called that). The parking lot seemed to have ripples in the asphalt that were a 2 -4 foot high and say a car length wide. The lot also had a downill slope. I suspect it was due to some sort of problem in the construction of the lot - perhaps unstable ground or something. I rode there at least twice. It really didn't need much wind at all because you could ride across the "waves" heading downslope and have pretty fun, and long ride. I don't know if that place is even around any more since the last time I went was in summer of 2000. I lost interest in landsailing for a while when my main spot (Morgan Falls) underwent construction project that occupied my best and closest riding spot for quite some time. Of course, in past few years I got into kiting with my ATB though I sometimes still landsail at various places including Morgan Falls though the trees they planted are making that less viable every year.

There is sort of another spot - Roswell HS. Here is a video of Atlanta Boardsailing Club Hall of Fame Stephan when he and I went landsailing there one day when it was too cold for windsurfing. As you can see Stephan mastered the jibe coming down the wave.

There is no off season.

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