Clearwater Midwinters March 9-11

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Clearwater Midwinters March 9-11

Fancy a bit of racing or at least hanging out with a bunch of boardheads on the beach?

Windsurfing​​ Midwinters​​
Clearwater March​​ 9-11​​
Clearwater ​​Community​​ Sailing ​​Center
1001​​ Gulf​​ Blvd.​​ 33767
racing classes will include: Formula,​ ​Kona,​​ Longboard,​​ RSX,​​ Techno,​ ​Open​​ Wind​​Foil, ​​and​ ​RS​ ​One​​ Foil.

Info: Justin ​​Ahearn​ ​​​​​ or ​​CCSC ​​front ​​office ​​727-​​517-​​7776


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