Cheap center fins popping up on ebay

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Cheap center fins popping up on ebay

Cheap center fins now are showing up from US sellers

if you are just starting out and having trouble staying upwind, something to consider.

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Re: Cheap center fins popping up on ebay

For learning wing on a SUP I strongly recommend one getting of these or an Air 7 box and fin.

I put one on my old Formula board when I was using it with my Wing - definitely makes staying upwind easy. I also put an Air-7 fin on my inflatable windsurf board and staying upwind with my wing or inflatable sail was quite easy. Inflatable's especially are hard to stay upwind because the rails are so rounded.

I used "Goop" marine adhesive on the formula board and I was able to peel it off when I was done with that but it held fine for months. On the inflatable I used 3m 5200 Rapid Cure to hold the air-7 in place and it has held up for 2 years now. I think the 5200 would eventually come off, but its easy to peel away the residual 5200 and then reapply. I the Goop would probably work as well and is cheaper and easier to find locally.

Air 7 boxes are also availble but do cost more (~$50) but you can use a better quality fin which you would need to buy if you don't have one already.

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