* cats in Daytona Beach

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* cats in Daytona Beach

Anyone yearning for a really good longboard and not minding a drive, someone is selling a Mega and Ultracat for $400 together. Can't tell the condition from the pics but these were two primo long boards. The MegaCat had a ton of volume and was one of the ultimate boards along with the Equipe II.

If you are curious about them, post any questions here for the longboard gurus to answer questions.


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Re: * cats in Daytona Beach

I had one of the Ultra Cats (the one with wild color scheme.) Very fun board. Make sure all the mast tracks/foots are in good working order. Probably would still be competitive in races depending on the course sailed and sailor size. I sort of recall the Ultra Cat had a bit less volume than the Mega Cat. Super for lightweights.

I think I did use the Ulta for SUP on the river. Probably not wide enough for use on the lake if there was much chop.

There is no off season.

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Re: * cats in Daytona Beach

The MegaCat was billed as the Equipe Killer, iirc. It's a great board. That's the one you want. Looks like it's in pretty good shape. The functioning of the mast track and condition of the gasket are the most telling things, (aside from major dings in the hull, etc). Needs foot straps... and I happen to have some Fanatic straps (not that it would matter for fit). And they're PINK! And FREE!

I had the littler UltraCat (older version & different graphics) and it was really nice– fully carbonated- very light and stiff- a big jump in performance from my klunky Klepper.

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