Call from Daughter - Fire in SFO

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Call from Daughter - Fire in SFO

I came in from windsurfing this afternoon to talk with my Daughter via cell phone. She and her husband live just south of San Francisco near Stanford, but are making plans to move back to the Southeast to escape the repeated heat waves and fire. Here are two photos she texted.

She sent the first photo of her house when we started the call.

The second photo taken at 2:30 in the afternoon, as the sky became almost as dark as night.


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Re: Call from Daughter - Fire in SFO
As wildfires burn homes across California, the state is also grappling with a different kind of climate predicament: How to stop insurers from abandoning fire-prone areas, leaving countless homeowners at risk.

Years of megafires have caused huge losses for insurance companies, a problem so severe that, last year, California temporarily banned insurers from canceling policies on some 800,000 homes in or near risky parts of the state. However, that ban is about expire and can’t be renewed, and a recent plan to deal with the problem fell apart in a clash between insurers and consumer advocates.

Oregon and Washington are on fire, too.

The Riverside Fire, in the Mt. Hood National Forest, was continuing to grow and push westward down Highway 224. The fire moved 17 miles on Tuesday. By Wednesday evening it had grown to 112,000 acres.
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