Cabrinha dealers in Georgia?

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Cabrinha dealers in Georgia?

I'm looking to purchase Cabrinha gear (new or used) and was wondering who has the best deals local to us.

Cabrinha H-1000 Foil
Cabrinha Macro Air Board
Cabrinha Mantis V2 Wing

Any suggestions would be helpful, thanks!

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Re: Cabrinha dealers in Georgia?

Hey Dan, not sure if Chuck Hardin in Augusta is repping Cabrinha gear:
If not, I guess the next best thing is Adventure Sports in Miami who are also the importer.

Atlanta is not the hot spot for wind since it blows best in the winter time. Our "local" shops tend to be in either OBX or Florida. Not sure about the Cabrinha side but the Neil Pryde/JP side of Adventure Sports (mostly windsurf gear) went to a direct to the distributor model a few years back and their gear isn't quite as widely available as some other brands. Not meaning to imply it's not good gear but just not quite as visible as others.

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Re: Cabrinha dealers in Georgia?

In Charleston/Mount Pleasant, ask for Michael or Stan the owner

However, other brands are worth considering- if interested by F-One, Jonathan the owner of Epic in Cocoa Beach has the best customer service, will give you his cell phone, always reachable

If you want the true Maui experience:

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