Beginning board with all equipment

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Beginning board with all equipment

I am looking for a used beginning board with all the equipment with it (sail, mast, fin, etc).

Ashley Chids

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Re: Beginning board with all equipment

If nobody on here has anything suitable you might want to check Facebook marketplace.

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Re: Beginning board with all equipment

Welcome, Ashley. Adding to what Alan said, it may be necessary to do a bit of driving if something comes up.

Also, please, if you find something on Facebook, Craigs LIst, etc, run it past us first. We have all seen someone selling obsolete broken rubbish and labelling it "beginner board or SUP". We don't want you to throw good money at something that should be in the dumpster.

Could you tell us more about you, if you are comfortable doing that? It'll help us guide you towards the proper sail and board sizes that will be suitable. For example, someone 200+ is going to need a board with more volume and width than someone at 130 while the lighter person won't want to be burdened with a too big rig.

You can ask any question here - there's nothing that's too "newbie". We want you to have fun - as much fun as we have. Biggrin

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