Aruba: Fishermen's Huts beach threatened!

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Aruba: Fishermen's Huts beach threatened!

Say it ain't so!
I got the following message from the American Windsurfing Industries Assoc. today. I thought many of you might be interested. (If you e-mail me individually I will be glad to send you the referenced documents -- unless too many of you ask. In that case, I'll get ethe Webmaster to post it.)

"Subject: Fishermen's Huts/Aruba; pls. help us protect this area from
Dear Friends,
As you might know, the Government of Aruba is in advanced negotations
with an international hotel chain about building a new hotel on the beach at
Fishermen's Huts.
If this development is not halted by our collective efforts this project
will severly threaten Aruba's environment, put an end to Aruba as a
windsurfing destination and we will stand to lose socially and
Through a joined effort Stimaruba and other environmentalists started a
signature rally on the island last saturday; we need to collect 15000
signatures in 2 weeks. Signatures are collected by the members of
different environmental groups and volunteers. The response is very positive and a lot of people are not just signing but taking lists to start collecting signatures as well. There are several locations where one can pass by to sign; with Olinda Rasmijn from Stimaruba (Urataca 6), with Armando Wester of Kitesurfing Aruba (at the most northern hut of the Fishermen's Huts beach).
There is also an international e-mail campaign for protection of this
beach and coastal area; an intro letter with background information and a
sample letter that can be used as an appeal. I am attaching a copy of this
document here; we hope you'll be able to send in your appeal and further forward it to your contacts. Anyone can send in an appeal - and each appeal will count as a signature.
Also attached is a nice story about paradise and overdevelopment, titled
"If Only". Thanks for your kind attention, and please feel free to distribute this to as many people as you'd like."
(forwarded fron Chuck at Whitecap Windsurfing : 706-860-0639) :cry:

Chuck Hardin
Whitecap Windsurfing, Inc.

c:706-833-WIND (9463)

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If they build a hotel there, it will kill Aruba as a prime sailing destination. The Marriott(I forget if it's a Marriott or Ramada, but the big building next door) has a wind shadow that extends 1/2 mile or more. Add another building and you've cut off the better part of the sailing area. Aruba has a fair amount of developable space that isn't prime windsurfing area- it'd be a shame to kill the Huts.

It'd be like the town of Aspen allowing a condo development right in the middle of the lower slopes.

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