Aluula Kites are here

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Aluula Kites are here

The much anticipated aluula kites have hit the market and they are every bit as expensive as expected. It didn't help that the first thing I saw on the page was a blurb about financing. Financing? I'm already neck deep on my Ford Raptor until 2027... Lol

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Re: Aluula Kites are here

Are aluula wings next? It apparently is a much stiffer material (along with a stronger bladder), despite being lighter. Wings now need a big leading edge for stiffness - could make them smaller, and stiffer.

BTW - it does seemk Ocean Rodeo is about the only kite company that does not have a wing (or at least I couldn't find one on their web page). Perhaps they are too invested in this new development for kites. Kites can fall out of the sky if there is not enough wind, so maybe weight savings is a bigger deal than for a wing. Still, I think there would be advantages. I'd like to see a aluula I-sail, for the same reasons.

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