All Hail the Reverse Dome Effect

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All Hail the Reverse Dome Effect

Great session yesterday with Barrett, Hamdi, Chris P and Jake. Jake is a newbie winger who's doing fantasticly since only having started in July.

I was perfectly powered on a 5.4 for the better part of late afternoon. Barrett had rigged down from a 6.7 to a 5.2. Right before going out, I'd been blowing leaves in Gainesville by the lake. There was very little breeze off the water. Gilmer was reporting very modest winds, too. Wind on the water was 10-20 easily and actually was stronger towards dusk. It was also a bit cooler with temps about 46 by my car when we finished.

Based on this, for the next few weeks, until the water cools off, I think we can be a bit more aggressive going on on cooler days even if the forecast isn't ripping.

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