ABC Hatteras Trip

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ABC Hatteras Trip

I hope alll the members that are heading to Hatteras are starting to get excited about our trip starting this weekend. We will have a house and a half full of members going, with trip leader Scott at Le Spot and my group will be staying in a brand new house in Rodanthe, complete w/gameroom in case of no wind. Here are some things that will be going on during the week of Oct. 13-20.

North Sports is going to have a demo day on the 19th from early morning till mid afternoon or so. Everything they have will be there, from kites to all sails, Naish, & North to Fanatic, Mistral, F2, etc. Also, all during that week there is a dealer meeting and Robby Naish, and many other big names will be in the area. I haven't heard of an official windfest, so post it up if you have info on it. I'll be running video for the event so be sure to look me up if you want taped.

Most importantly, I will go out on a limb a say, Ill again attempt to loop, so watch for the big splash, or plop I should say.

PS See you guys at the meeting tomorow night.


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Re: ABC Hatteras Trip

Heads up for everyone who will be up there -- Monday looks like a big north wind, which means the reef could be HUGE.  That place is hands down my favorite place to sail when the conditions are right.  Monster huge jumps!  Avon is the best place to launch if interested.

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