836km (519 m.) in 24 hrs

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836km (519 m.) in 24 hrs


more details here: https://www.seabreeze.com.au/forums/Windsurfing/Gps/NoR?page=1

Video from a "chase plane". Record attempt being done by the guy in front.

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Re: 836km (519 m.) in 24 hrs
Hi all, I'll try and fill in some details and answer the questions. Most of the details are in the GPSTC , so I'll try and add a bit more.

Woke up at 8am on Monday, couldn't sleep. Nervous about if I could do it, excited about the adventure as I'd been waiting for a forcast like this for 4 yrs.Lay around until 11, then got food and water ready. Peanut butter, Jam and cheese sandwich was the fuel of choice as I couldn't buy any donuts in Beachport.
At Lake George by 1pm to set up 4 sails and 4 boards.
Sailing by 4.15pm
Lots of sailing
Finished the next day at 4.15, pack up the gear. Some had already been packed away by many volunteers on the day.
Back to the caravan park, leftovers and check tracks for the total.I didn't really know what my distance was durning the day and I relied on Daffy looking at the GPS when I came in. He was the encouraging push that I needed at the 22 hr mark to finish the 24.
Finished by 9pm, no beers just water. So many Sport Gels in my stomach and a bit dehydrated, beers were last on the list. Had a few the next night but not too many as I was still a bit shaky.
I'd been awake for 37 hrs and surprisingly getting to sleep was a bit hard. Too much exercise.
Lack of sleep is very strange; you become beyond tired and have to think a bit more before you can make it happen. Muscles get so tired that you have to find new ways to get the same result otherwise they just cramp. A twist in the shoulder might help the bicep work, moving fingers each run to get the wrists to stop hurting. It is an interesting exercise in pain management and energy conservation.
For me the distance sailed was just a way of measuring the event, the real challenge was to sail for 24 hrs. I got close with 22 hrs TOW and no end because the wind stopped. I could have done with a lot less at the end, 27kts was a bit much.
Would I do it again...maybe?
Going over the tracks, seeing the slow bits and what could I improve?
What fitness do I have to bring to the lake next time?
Food. 18 Sports Gels. 4 Peanut/Jam/Cheese sandwiches and few protein bars
Water..with cordial and electrolytes
This was a hard one for my instructors to work on as windsurfing is just not running or swimming.
Lots of Interval training..builds up cardio. Only time I threw up was doing this training.
Isometric exercises, first on the floor then on top of medicine balls then fit balls. Think of pushups with your feet on 1ball and your hands on the other. Great for your core and back.
Then there was Pilates, looks easy and then they ramp it up to 11. Loved the challenge.
Lastly weights, not much as work provides a lot of opportunity to lift heavy stuff.
So that was done 2.5hrs each day, 4 days a week after work.
The weekend was for SUP surfing, recovery and of course windsurfing.
Injuries from the 24hr. A hole in each hand, 2 holes in the left foot.Some tingling in the fingers that took a week to go away. I did see my Osteo for a check up and service of the body.

I guess one of my problems is that I'm a daydreamer and we remember the dream and work out how to get it to happen.
Some of them actually work.

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