41st Annual Fall Classic 2019

October 19-20, 2019

Saturday was blown out by Tropical Storm Nestor but we were able to run three races Sunday morning for a complete series. Photos: Debi Baber

Chris Voith organized and the Lake Lanier Sailing Club along with Atlanta Boardsailing Club hosted the regatta. The fleet consisted of a mix of classic racing longboards, Konas, Windsurfer LTs and even a windfoil. Competitors came from Georgia, South Carolina, Florida and Alabama. The regatta remains as one of the longest running windsurfing events in the world.

Fleet before the start
No racing in Saturday's gusty and chilly wind. The launch was shadowed but it was blowing 20+ beyond the shadow of the trees.
Joe prepares for battle.
Less than a minute to the start of race one, William (far left) is way back.
Dave Stanger nails the start and shows his killer upwind technique.
Flying low in stealth mode, William the Foiler wings his way through the fleet.
Chris and William headed upwind
William reels in Dave approaching the top mark.
Pre-start, race 2
Perplexed puzzlers point out the purloined pieces.The 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle was a hit and a team effort.
Sport Fleet Winner, John Jordan.
Hardware! (Trophies)
Friday's sunset. The lawn of the LLSC is a great spot to watch from.