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  • Re: Bunch of sails small to large by webguy 9 hours 48 min ago

    Adding my Ezzy 9.5 2015ish. $350. Rigs on 490.

    If you need a mast/boom: https://...

  • Re: Langdon by moredownhaul 13 hours 40 min ago

    Are you giving up winter sailing David?

    The polar heat is an awesome suit, mine has lasted 18+ years so far and still has no signs of failing.
    I always conditioned my seals with the...

  • Re: Ezzy Mast mix and match by moredownhaul 14 hours 13 sec ago

    North recommends a 460 SDM Constant Curve for it, so yes..... sold

    I'll get a mast and that boom from you next time I see you.


  • Re: Ezzy Mast mix and match by webguy 14 hours 10 min ago

    For those not familiar with the difference in mast bends, this image from Phantom (French sail and foil maker) helps illustrate the difference between flex top (NP, Hot Sails Maui) Constant Curve...

  • Re: Langdon by webguy 15 hours 15 min ago

    When your replacement seal looks a bit suspicious...

  • Re: Langdon by peelskid 17 hours 50 min ago

    All seal, neck and cuff, just replaced. Cost $200. Only wore the suit about 5 times after getting seals done.

    Langdon, keep all seals out of sunlight when not in use.

  • Re: Ezzy Mast mix and match by webguy 1 day 3 hours ago

    Skinny or sdm? I've got a 40% sdm and 30% sdms that are special "friend" priced.

    In theory the 430/490 combo will work mechanically but you'll end up with a hard top mast like the older...

  • Re: Langdon by moredownhaul 1 day 6 hours ago

    If it uses Latex or silicone seals and you ever need them replaced contact