Interesting take on tuning foil sails

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Interesting take on tuning foil sails

From the windfoil scandinavia fb group

"Hello, your expirience with the downhoul on your sail remembered me about something a found on the internet some months ago about the hyperglide sails in the IQ foil competition. Its a different sail but maybe its helpfull info. It whas a dutch text about tuning the foilsails. ++++the basic setting for the HGO 9.0 whas at that time 24cm extension. The dutch guys saw that the French sailors where using 26cm and full downhoul. The Britisch sailers where using 28cm with 3 fingers between the pulleys. After the race the explenation came that with more extension they could get more flex in the masttop, the boom could come down a bit also because of the longer mast so more flex in the upper mast part again, and more loose leach. It whas also possitive for there pumping and had more effect."

fwiw, I've been running my boom 2cm longer than the recommended settings for both GA Cosmic (2 cam freeride) 6.7 and HGO 8.0 for flatter profiles and it's worked well in powered/overpowering conditions.

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Re: Interesting take on tuning foil sails

more downhaul

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