Old Fed Campground Update

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Old Fed Campground Update

Posting this because I'm assuming the reopening of Van Pugh N. is facing similar funding challenges (but hopefull shorter timetable)

Source: https://www.gainesvilletimes.com/news/lake-lanier/when-old-federal-campground-lake-lanier-may-partially-reopen/

Old Federal Campground off Lake Lanier in South Hall may at least partially reopen in spring 2021, as the Army Corps of Engineers moves toward repairing the popular recreation site.

“We have received funding for storm clean-up, and we have received partial funding for shoreline erosion repairs,” said Tim Rainey, the Corps’ operations project manager at Lake Lanier. “We are currently working with our contracting office to get this work performed.”

“Our contracting work is always fluid, but we’re expecting to get (the work) awarded … within the next 30 days,” he said Thursday, Sept. 3. “And we hope to get it all done by springtime. I don’t know if we can get all of the campground (fixed), but hopefully we can get most of it.”

Rainey said he’s hopeful he can get more money to complete the repairs. “The request is still in for the rest of (the money),” he said.

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Re: Old Fed Campground Update

I have an idea of how to get the money - why not charge people who don't have passes (like me) to get in, like they always have in the past. Think I will write them. Mail 1

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