How to put on a wetsuit

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How to put on a wetsuit

Big Winds gives some tips. If you are new to cold water windsurfing, kiting, etc. these are pretty helpful.

Tip 11. A rash top also helps the suit slip on but as they mention, make sure it's snug fitting so it doesn't bunch under the wetsuit.

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Re: How to put on a wetsuit

I disagree on a couple of things. 1.) I use plastic grocery bags, flying around the parking lot is not a problem if you start on the downwind side of your car. TBH - the benefit plastic bags is not so much putting your westsuit on - it is in getting it off. Much easier to get my wetsuit off with a plastic bag on. I don't think socks would work as well, though I have used neoprene socks which did work well and help with warmth. (Probably lost them.....). For me the hardest part of using a wetsuit is getting it off of my feet at the end of the day when they are swollen and cold. In fact, getting out of a wetsuit might be a more useful video.

2,) Much easier to pull the "flange" or whatever they call it over my neck before my arms than after. Half the time I can't even find it after the fact if I put my arms in first.

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