Saturday - 10/19 Regatta?

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Re: Saturday - 10/19 Regatta?

So what about results? I want to see how my Fantasy team did.

What happens in a black hole stays in a black hole.

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Re: Saturday - 10/19 Regatta?

Thank youze and shout outs:

  • Chris for once again pulling off another outstanding event. It’s my one windsurfing holiday and camping event every year. All you hard work is really appreciated. Great T-Shirts, trophies and door prizes too.
  • Debbie for organizing all the food set up and clean up. That was a massive job and flawlessly executed.
  • LLSC for providing awesome facilities. Lots of improvements noted this year from remodeled bathrooms to the campground and beach improvements, although the fake foxes still creep me out a bit.
  • The race committee for running a great course and finding/fishing the race results sheet out of the lake.
  • ABC for sponsoring my charter board. I liked the Kona, even though I had to sail in open fleet and do two laps instead of my usual one in sport fleet.
  • Cody for bringing the Kona and Windsurfer LT charter boards plus lots of stoke.
  • Shell Point folks for Friday’s Chili extravaganza.
  • Langdon for grilling the burgers on Sunday.
  • William for showing the awesome upwind downwind capability of foiling and also providing some comic relief at the start of race two.
  • Whoever brought the 1000-piece puzzle and all the other puzzlers who helped complete it.
  • The person who left the community bottle of ibuprofen, my back thanks you.
  • Tropical storm Nestor for providing, what was at times challenging, wind. The rain, not so much.

Bill Herderich

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Re: Saturday - 10/19 Regatta?
Randy wrote:

So what about results? I want to see how my Fantasy team did.

If you traded me after the first race, you did well. Lol

btw, foils do a great job catching mark anchoring lines. Cray 2

Bill, super post.

Edit: added a pic of the foil I used for race 2. I have never heard Bill laugh so loudly. Well, we aim to entertain here, so...

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Re: Saturday - 10/19 Regatta?
Randy wrote:

So what about results? I want to see how my Fantasy team did.

I got last place Yahoo
but a good learning experience.

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Re: Saturday - 10/19 Regatta?

Oh yeah almost forgot.

Thanks to William and Wind Sport Atlanta
Members for the charter boards.

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Re: Saturday - 10/19 Regatta?

Results, you say? Funny thing, that. Some rapscallion pinched that old laptop from my car Sunday night. First the finishes blow off the barge, then this... some kind of sign maybe? It's the journey, not the destination?? Fortunately a printed copy survived.

There weren't enough Konas or LTs for separate trophy groups so we did Open & Sport with weight divisions.

Open - Light

1- Dave Stanger (1st overall)
2- Billy Mason (2nd)
3- Joe Sisson (7th)

Open - Less Light

1- Dan Olivier (3rd)
2- Chris Voith* (4th)
3- Scott Spreen* (5th)

*Tie (broken by 1 better finish)

Sport - Light

1- Richard Genet (2nd)
2- Cameron Williams (3rd)
3- Alan Sloman (5th)

Sport - Less Light

1- John Jordan (1st)
2- Cody Steward (4th)
3- Bob Graves (6th)

Obviously, Cameron's "novice" status was misjudged. (I suggested he get on the Race Committee start boat to get a feel for this racing thing, not knowing he'd raced Snipes (a very competitive class) and not having a good feel for his windsurfing abilities). Very impressive to get Second (3rd overall!) on a funboard and with no harness! Bravo Cameron!

Another highlight for me was watching last-off-the-line William foiling past everybody in the first race with stunning speed and angle. At one point he was almost the entire leg ahead of Stanger but then ran out of wind and he just got nipped by Dave at the finish line. It was good to see Billy Mason likewise giving Dave a run for his money. The "also rans" in Open– Olivier, Burch, Spreen, Sisson, Herderich and I had our own battles going with lots of jostling of positions.

Unassuming John Jordan continues to amaze. I think the last time he sailed was 2 years ago at the Fall Classic. He's rocking that vintage MegaCat and not-so-racy UP sail. It goes to show that sailing smart and playing the shifts gets you there fast. The diminishing and shifting wind in races 2 & 3 made for fun, challenging and tactical racing. Richard Genet plays that game well. That guy can do it all– windsurfing, racing, kiting, KITE FOILING! He's a Renaissance Man! Alan "not so" Sloman made a good showing on his first windsurfing regatta (he and Josh are regulars on the Hobie racing scene). The Windsurfer LTs look like a great choice for racing in shifty lake wind. Alan, Bobby G, and Cody were looking good in Sport on the LTs.

Thank you to all who threw in to help put it together again this year. To William for taking on the advance work with the NOR and creating the buzz that got the charters here. What a convenience having charters boards! Of course it'd be impossible to overstate the value of the website. We 'preciatecha webguy! From Tallahassee, Bob & Sandy Graves with Joe Sisson fed us Friday night and could not be coaxed out of the kitchen for the rest of the weekend. It's not often you get invited to a party and then get to cook and wash dishes. THANK YOU! I forgot to publicly thank Langdon for the being the grillmeister on Sunday and for his generous "how can I help" offers all weekend. Thanks buddy!

It was great to have so much talent on the Race Committee. They are LLSC members who generously donate their weekend to the job. It was especially fun to see Kevin Osburn and Reggie Strickland there, as they were here at the beginning of the Fall Regatta's history, 41 years ago.

Sandy Point Progressive Sports & Aerotech have been consistent supporters of the Fall Classic since forever, and were again this year with some nice door prizes AND with the charter boards. I think of Sandy Point as our local shop... super nice and knowledgeable folks there. Cody works so hard to get the charter show on the road. I hope he can continue to bring his expertise and kind self to these events after their baby comes in December. Thank you, Cody ! Thanks also to Mike Krantz at Zhik for the door prizes. Zhik gear is absolutely the best. Check them out.

Debi Baber is a natural nurturer and loves to host, but her contribution to the regatta was way over the top. From menu planning, food buying and through to making all the meals happen, plus thinking to bring the puzzles and diversions for waiting out Nestor... and bringing her playful, fun self to the show– what can I say? Thanks Debi!! I'm a lucky fellow. Linda Downey also came through with some welcome diversions for the down time on Saturday. Thanks Linda! Debi also took a lot of photos of the racing and some of the clubhouse shenanigans, so watch for those in a few days.

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Re: Saturday - 10/19 Regatta?

Thank you Chris and Debi! “Thank you" doesn't begin to capture how much I appreciate you Chris, William, Debi, LLSC RC, and all our old friends and new friends. Cameron and Cody you have to come every year from now on. I am sorry that me and mine don't contribute more to all that goes into this awesome event... I keep saying we will. We will. When I arrived to the club on Saturday I followed an SUV onto the grounds with plates from Nebraska! This was Cameron’s car - he had “only” come from Alabama. And two days later we had had two great days of sailing and racing. New best friends are just as good as old best friends. Of course William was instrumental in getting Cameron hooked up with gear, support, knowledge, and support. I remember him doing that for me … since the 1990’s and do this day. When we build the Atlanta Windsurfing Hall of Fame, you will be the first inductee William. I should have worn my go-pro out on the course: In Race One I was about 100 yards shy of the weather mark as William was foiling (flying) down the Course just ahead of Dave. I think Dave had a cigarette in his mouth and didn’t look at all concerned. He knew he'd win - Chris had already printed the results with his three wins. I have no idea why the rest of society doesn’t live for water time: surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing. I’m with Tim Carter - being on the water keeps me sane. Saturday’s rainy, gusty, and steaming East was a blast to free sail even though we didn’t race. That was some of my faster Superlight II reaches for sure. Thank you to Dan for lending me a universal after mine failed Saturday afternoon and thanks to Chris for bringing my sail in! Hats off to Bill for sailing with the big dogs and doing two laps on the Kona. I was happy with one lap thank you. My brother , Peter, was visiting from Portland and he was impressed with the great people, good breeze, and killer race view. Peter lives just down the road from Hood river so for him to see our race at its finest is cool. Chris and Debi - the award ceremony and swag sharing is always thoughtfully done. Chris - you are a great racer and you make everyone feel welcome. Thank you for another awesome regatta!

PS - very sorry to hear that your PC was stolen! Sad

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