Oscar Meyer Winners! (Charter give away)

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Oscar Meyer Winners! (Charter give away)

I'm happy to announce we have three winners for the Fall Classic charter give away.
windlord is getting a Kona
moredownhaul and ryramirez are both opting for a Windsurfer LT

Wait? Three winners? Yes - because all the entries were so good and, hey, we said we could change the rules. Biggrin

IMAGE(<a href="https://media.giphy.com/media/XEgYSxfxv4tbNjN8fF/giphy.gif" rel="nofollow">https://media.giphy.com/media/XEgYSxfxv4tbNjN8fF/giphy.gif</a>)

You can still charter a board if you wish, either a complete Kona, a Kona board or a complete Windsurfer LT (the hottest selling windsurfer in the world right now). Email to reserver yours. Oh, and club sponsoring members still get a $10 discount!

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Re: Oscar Meyer Winners! (Charter give away)

Yay! Life is good. Thanks ABC (and William).

Bill Herderich

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