February 2015

Renee Sauce

Leo self portrait
We were never good with history but we think this guy was pretty big in the Renee Sau Renaissance.
Another Leo self portrait
Same guy but in "period" costume..

So, it's been cold lately. Very cold. Terribly cold by Atlanta standards. Not so much in magnitude but in sheer duration. Atlanta usually gets the few odd days each winter of reminder why we live here and not Buffalo, NY. But, this year, we've had so many of those days, we are starting to think we are actually living, well, not Buffalo but someplace a lot colder than here. There have been some windsurfable days lately but the desire to jump in 44 degree water wanes now that spring can't be more than a few weeks away.

32 degree session
- source
Umm... maybe we'll go work on the website instead.

So, we put the time to go use. We've re-arranged the furniture, put up a new coat of paint and dusted the shelves here. We've upgraded, updated, migrated and consolidated. We'll spare you the details (unless someone really wants to know) as those things tend to put most people to sleep and would only reveal the general level of incompetence around here.. We guess you could call it a rebirth of sorts although the less kind might just say we put the old website out of it's misery. It's something that we've been putting off in ways for a long time but some recent core software updates made it more urgently necessary.

The result of all this is a much more unified website with a single log in. The wiki is still somewhat separate but, since after four years, zero edits have been done by anyone else, that wasn't very high on our to-do list. As importantly, the future upgrade path is much more secure.

New! Improved! Recommended by 4 of every 5 dentists!

Here are just some of the changes we've made: