January 2015

Old Man Winter Just Dropped One

My GoPro was lucky enough to be in Mexico this week

Princess (left) had my GoPro

Unless you've been lucky enough to have been in Mexico for the last week, you've noticed that the temperatures - to paraphrase Bob Dylan - have been "a changin'". And, the changes haven't been good. From our perspective as windsurfers and kiters, Old Man Winter just dropped a giant frozen turd block of ice into Lake Lanier.

Of course, this isn't the first time this season the day time temps haven't broached freezing. Last fall (all two weeks of it), the temperature in early November freakishly didn't do so. But, at the time, the water was still relatively warm. Two weeks prior to that, we'd been racing in shorties. November wasn't only abnormally cold but both November and December offered surprisingly few opportunities to sail. Cold weather usually means the jet stream is in town and, with it, a steady supply of fronts and systems. There should be plenty of chances to get on the water. Instead, we got cold, rainy, windless days one after the other.

This past weekend, we finally got out on the water after a prolonged absence and at the end of the session, someone pointed out the beautiful full moon rising over the trees in the direction of Aqualand.