November 2014

Save the Date - Dec 7th: Holiday Party

The annual Atlanta Boardsailing Club will host the Holiday Party again this year at the Grogan's Bluff Subdivision Clubhouse. Starting at 6:30 PM on Sunday December 7th.

A few things to remember and more details and directions will follow:

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Downtime this weekend 11/15-16

We may be offline a bit this weekend. Webguy sprung for some more memory for the server and, since he's pretty much useless otherwise, he's asked me to pop it in for him.

Since I lack opposable thumbs, it may take me a few minutes. But, not to worry, I can grasp Vise-Grips and a mallet with my tail. We'll get those buggers in, one way or another.

Being a webmonkey isn't so bad. At least I'm not windsurfing.