February 2014

Ten Minutes

The Weather Channel being quite blunt about how bad the winter was becoming.

It's been a long winter. Terms like "polar vortex" and "Snowpocalypse" have entered the vernacular. The lucky of us merely looked out the window at all the ice. The less fortunate had walk miles to get home or to spend the night in it.

Normally, cooler weather means more wind but there have been few windy sessions this winter and those we did get demanded the stoutest of winter gear with temps no more than 40 F. The 90 liter board stayed dry almost all winter while the Formula board needed an oil change it got so many miles on it.

Late last fall, we include the current conditions from Hell, Norway on our front page as a bit of a joke. Was it really colder than Hell? Well, the joke was on us because while we were suffering through the coldest winter in a couple of decades, Europe was unseasonably warm. Hell was both warmer and windier than we were. We think it best at this point for the theologians amongst us to say what that means for life in Atlanta.

Recharging the Batteries

Here's a nice ten minute video that will remind you why you love windsurfing. Even if most of what you see is totally beyond your skill set, you will appreciate the feeling of carving, jumping and ripping. We suggest you view it full screen with the volume turned up (but probably not at the office unless everyone else is into electronic dance music, too).

Windsurfing 2013

Hatteras Spring 2014

Where do you go if you:

  • Want to get better at *surfing (wind, kite or just plain vanilla)?
  • Get dependable wind?
  • Do it on a reasonable budget that doesn't mean your kids will be eating ramen all summer to pay for your play time?
  • The answer: Hatteras (aka, the Outer Banks. Also includes Avon, Nags Head, Rodanthe, Salvo, etc.)

    But organizing your own trip can be daunting. What if someone who has gone before is organizing a trip? How about if that person was super nice Barrett Walker (bpw on the forums)? You are in luck.