August 2013

Monthly Caption of the Week Contest 7

Not withstanding last month's abysmal participation, we've decided to do another monthly caption of the week. You may ask why we dare continue when our last effort failed so miserably. The answer is stunningly simple: we are windsurfers. This is a sport, much like golf, that's predicated on failure. It is annoyingly challenging to learn and each step is simply a pile of failures to be overcome before proceeding to the next. Like golf, it is a sport in which you can miserably fail something over a hundred times in a day but the only thing you remember is the one you executed well.

"Remember that shot on 15? Sure, just like that one jibe all day that I actually came out without being soaking wet." We pick up our ball out of the cup after having played hockey on the green with seven putts with the same triumph that we have when our convoluted planing/pivot/desperation/uphaul the dropped sail jibe points us in the opposite direction. Yeah, it was ugly but put me down for a 4.

Enough about our inability to guide a planing board from east to west without acting the fool and on to this month's contest.

While we'd picked this photo out some months before, Barrett Walker also emailed a suggestion that this photo would be a good choice. Thus, we expect Barrett to suggest at least three captions or we are never replying to another of his emails.

Just kidding, Barrett, two captions will be sufficient.

Without further ado...

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