July 2013

Monthly Caption of the Week Contest 6

Our dog's reaction to this post.

Yes, we've recycled this pic but, dang, we really like it and Mrs. Carlos Danger, aka Huma Abedin, (Mrs. Weiner) forgives us, too.

Time for more hijinks and shenanigans! Well, not really. Just another shameless effort to induce the members of the local windsurfing community to post a comment. It isn't enough that you have to tolerate a rainy yet windless summer but you have endure your fellow windsurfers' (and kiters, let's be inclusive) poor sense of humour. Yes, 'humour', we're still celebrating probably the first heir to the English throne ever named in honor of the "Seinfeld" show.

This month's pic is truly a blank slate. Interpret it as you will. Although Barrett claims it's the aftermath of a jump, we're not sure. It could be a whale breaching or even worse, a kraken.

what lurks beneath

But, it's probably something benign. We are prone to over-reacting.

Enough already, the photo, please.

caption of the week contest 6


We'd like to say we've been busy lately but that wouldn't be entirely true.

It's been a while since we've had the opportunity to post anything. Not that we haven't been brimming with things to share but some things at home required our attention. Hopefully, we can resume a more steady schedule. We should mention that we favor the British pronunciation 'shejiule' as opposed to the way it's said in the colonies, 'skedyule'. As well, our booms are made of aluminium instead of aluminum. And, it's colour and favour, our engine is under the bonnet; and we pee in the 'loo. Of course, all this is because of our excitement of Kate Middleton having produced a male heir to the throne of the United Kingdom.