May 2013

Monthly Caption of the Week Contest 4

We are overdue for one of our periodic installments of our Monthly Caption of the Week "contest". Things have been busy at home and participation in the last installment was, ahem, underwhelming. But, nonetheless, we'll toss out this pic from the Foto Gallery and hope for the best.

In this pic, we're not sure if Marcel is getting his board to fetch something from the water or has filled it with helium (or, worse, hydrogen). We're sure that your interpretation will be better than ours.

The usual rules apply
- The captions need not be directly related to what actually was happening in the picture. No, the purpose is to think of re-interpretations, much like a child or spouse inventing an excuse.
- Of course, no disrespect is meant to those in the picture. Think of yourselves as actors in a performance; you are only playing the part. However, there are no royalties, residuals or awards for your participation.

Here's this month's picture. Put your entry for the Monthly Caption of the Week in the comments below.


Unbridled Joy
I'm having a great time by myself while all my friends are in Hatteras. Yep, great time.

It's been relatively quiet around the scene here in the last few weeks. It's not that no one is windsurfing. They are just windsurfing elsewhere with a large local contingent up at Hatteras. From their reports [1],[2],[3], it's been a windy spring and they've been able to break out gear - small stuff - not often used in Atlanta.