July 2012

Olympic Windsurfing on TV

Janitor's Note: Bill put up a great post on the forums and we thought it needed to be front and center. Our thanks to him for all the research. We were too busy trying to find pictures of windsurfing koalas with no success.

Located in Dorset on the south coast of England, Weymouth and Portland provides some of the best natural sailing waters in the UK, with facilities on land to match.
Venue web page

The RS:X fleet sets sail on Tuesday 31 July at 12:00 on the Weymouth Bay West Course. The fleet enjoys a lay day on 3 August before racing resumes on 4 August. The RS:X will play to the Nothe Spectator area on 7 August where the gold medalists will be decided after the Medal Race

Dear Windsurfatlanta.org Part 31

Bollywood RocksI find it fascinating that most of the Bollywood music videos I've seen feature such large casts in bright colors. And, hardly no "ho's" in bikinis washing cars.
I couldn't find any pics with Bollywood and windsurfing in them.

In this post, we answer a couple of questions from our mythical mystical mailbag.

Dear wsatl.org,
After seeing a number of your articles lead with pictures that have nothing to do with actual windsurfing (clowns, ancient Greek pottery and a winery come to mind), I'm wondering if you haven't outsourced your copywriting to someone in Mumbai? Does the person writing this crap realize this is supposed to be a web site about windsurfing and board sports?

Thank you for contacting the Atlanta Boardsailing Club support web page; we answer questions in the order they are received. Answers may be faked for quality assurance purposes.

From Rum to Formula

Bozo Gran CanariaJames Cagney in "The Public Enemy" which showed crime didn't pay but did ultimately lead to Formula windsurfing boards.
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I was reading about the most recent PWA competition in Tenerife and a picture at the bottom of the page caught my attention. In it was the podium celebration where the men's winners were spraying each other with champagne (or the Spanish equivalent). Philip Köster was on the top step - he's been on a tear this year having also just won Pozo - alongside Alex Mussolini and Victor Fernandez. Spraying bubbly is a popular way to celebrate sporting victories except, perhaps, at the Indy 500 where the winner drinks milk.

Tenerife - home of the highest point in Spain

And then it struck me, what Köster was doing could never happen here in the U.S., at least legally. Philip Köster is only 18 years old. As any college student will tell you, the legal drinking age here is 21. In Europe, the legal age is 18 and sometimes, even, 16 (e.g. Austria).


Danger Windsurfing Robinson
If Will Robinson thinks being lost in space is dangerous...

Ever since our ancestors crawled out of the murky deep about 530 million years (give or take a few weeks) ago, we land animals have had a love/hate relationship with water. We drink it, play in and on it and enjoy simply being near it - walk on the beach anyone?

What would windsurfing be without water? Scraped knees and broken wrists. Pavement and even sand hurt. At some point or another, you come off the board and end up like a Tour de France racer.

Let's do this with a sail

These guys race bikes because land sailing looks too risky. They've seen the video below.

Spot Open in Fall Hatteras House

Barrett and Peggy Walker have one room left for their Fall Outer Banks Trip. The rate is $350 single and $400 for a couple (private bath). The food kitty is about $100/week. The house is located in Nags Head on Roanoke Sound. Week #1 is Sept. 29 - Oct. 6 and Week 2 is Oct. 6 - Oct. 13. Contact Barrett & Peggy Walker

Red Bull Storm Chase - Choose the Team

Red Bull is sponsoring the Red Bull Storm Chase. Ten windsurfers will be competing around the globe in the most extreme conditions.

I know, you are upset that you can't go. Probably a little peeved that you weren't asked. Well, you can do the next best thing: Choose the Team.

That's right, you vote from a short list of the fifty best wave sailors in the world. Your vote helps determine who goes.

Meanwhile, above Pozo

Bozo Gran Canaria
Pozo. Famous windsurfing spot in the Canaries.

Ricardo Campello was out training the other day in Pozo and Cutre, a local windsurfing center caught it on film. It's worth watching the video for a couple of reasons: a back loop to a front loop on the same jump (I think that's what it is) and the number of times he throws some really high jumps in the same session and doesn't land them. If you're not falling, you're not learning.

I hope it will make you feel better about trying new stuff and spending a lot of time in the water. Sometimes, we wrongly associate getting wet with ineptitude.